My Educational Philosophy

My vocational responsibilities as well as my personal interests center on Higher Education. I do not have any degrees in Education, graduate or undergraduate, but my life has often been centered on and redirected by my educational experiences. Moreover, I have been very sensitive as to how the skill, talent and knowledge I have drawn from my educational experiences have had such a positive effect on my successes in life, both personal and private. I know that my education opened many doors to me not otherwise available. I know I am a better husband, father and citizen because of my education. I have been introduced to the sciences, to arts, to music, to dance and to a multitude of other expressions of ideas and emotions. This is also what I want for my students.

I suppose I view education through my lens as a lawyer, CFO and business manager. I enjoy exploring new theories or new technologies or new values that influence Higher Education. But more importantly I am concerned with the application of these theories, the way in which we implement evolving educational strategies, how we measure the success of our students’ learning. It is the actual experience of teaching and learning, the practical and real commitments and passion required to effectively engage and motivate our students. It is the pride that I have a role in improving the academic level of the citizens of the US on the world stage. In many ways it as if I have a short term stint as a father figure to students who need direction and support.

I understand that strategic planning in any discipline is intense and time consuming. I also know that the implementation of that strategy is extremely important in meeting success. I guess I am more drawn to the latter, recognizing the power of the former. I see a world where technology, processes and efficiency are emphasized in new and powerful ways. But I also see the need, even the responsibility to maintain a human scale to learning, to use the modern array of tools to enhance humanity, not choke it. I embrace the changes that are shaking the world of higher education and value the global search for meaning, efficiency and successful learning. I also embrace the human spirit of adventure, creativity, self-improvement.

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author alone and do not represent those of any other person or any organizational entity, whether presently or formerly affiliated with the author.

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