About This Blog

The Academic Exchange is a blog that endeavors to consider a variety of issues related to higher education in the United States. I am writing the blog to discuss a full range of issues, beginning with the classroom and related issues such as classroom management, student engagement, and classroom assessment. I will explore administrative issues that relate to the effectiveness, efficiency and validity of how we deliver education to our students. And I will raise and discuss the significant trends that are challenging and redirecting higher education and the political, cultural and economic factors relating thereto.

In accomplishing these objectives I want this blog to be a forum where I can express my personal ideas, interpretation and assessment of the events shaping higher education. I also hope that others deeply concerned with the state of higher education will share their ideas and reflections so we can have an engaging dialogue to provide us all with greater insight and understanding. I will occasionally include articles from guest bloggers as well, as they relate to my overall objectives.

I want the blog to be a friendly and personal home for the art of teaching, where dedicated teachers can engage with like-minded professionals who are striving to improve the educational outcomes of our students. A collegial, supportive, interactive and illuminating site will help us all advance our craft, expand our perspective while sharpening our focus.

And I don’t ever want to take myself or my own point of view too seriously. There are so many wonderful thinkers in this field, so many perspectives and experiences to share and examine. Nothing is as beneficial as a good laugh and an out of the box point of view.

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author alone and do not represent those of any other person or any organizational entity, whether presently or formerly affiliated with the author.

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